Our Wedding Date: April 23, 2016

Our Engagement

  • The Scavenger Hunt

    Joaquin and I went to yoga on February 1, 2015. When we go home there was a note and some treats and a note on the desk from Leda. I had no idea what was going on until I read the note stating that she was somewhere in San Diego and we were to find her and that a driver would be out front to pick us up and to be ready! 

    Our first stop was at Soltan Banoo where there was a picnic lunch all packed up for us to take and a clue.

    That clue took us to the flower shop by Ray's Liquor... If you live in the area you will know this is one of the best places to snatch a quick bouquet that is stunning! Anyway, there was a beautiful and huge bouquet of flowers there with another clue.

    This clue took us to Eclipse chocolate... yumm!! Waiting for us there was a bag of chocolate and truffles! All vegan of course and another clue! 

    Trying to resist eating all the chocolate I read the clue which had a map out to Coronado. I knew exactly where to go once I saw that! Coronado Beach where we had our first unofficial 'date' and where it all started! 

    Once we got out to the spot where I knew she was it looked like Valentine's Day had vomited on the grass! There she was on a heart blanket with red cooler and valentine plates, napkins and heart vomit! We enjoyed our wonderful lunch and a few bites of chocolate on our full belly's! As we were laying there watching the clouds in the sky and just relaxing Leda said, Oh I have something for you *rustles around in her bag saying* I hope I didn't for get it.... Then she handed me a box to open... inside was the most beautiful ring and a note that said... be my valentine forever .... will you marry me ... being the person I am I said.... Babe!! are you serious?  apparently it wasnt the right thing to say first. She thought I laughed at her... I didn't! She really surprised me. I then said yes, of course!!! She also gave Joaquin a ring which he loved and made him feel special...


    So there is a short version to a long story! ;-) 

    Added on Thu, Feb 4th 2016